Brian Jennings


There are many bones that make up the skull and these come in various forms. The bones that protect the brain’s external surface are of a plate like fashion and have ridged joints that are under the slightest constant movement. The is a cranial rhythm that is considered normal and if this is thrown out problems can occur in other parts of the body, which you wouldn’t expect could be connected to the skull. Causes of slight misplacements in the skull can be due to various reasons. These can be caused by stress or from muscle imbalances having an uneven pull on the different parts of the skull. Our cranial osteopaths are very specialized with these important health issues

At the back of the skull there is a heavy network of muscles responsible for many movements. This is also the case to the sides of the skull and muscle runs over the frontal lobe, extending into a connective tissues sheath, running over the top of the skull and connecting to the back of the head. The muscles responsible for chewing and moving the jaw are located to the side of the skull and if any of the muscle experience stress or tension there can be a disruption to the movement of the cranial rhythm. Our cranial osteopath is a health professional who takes a patient’s life as a whole while attempting to get the body’s joints and health to optimal function. They are strand of osteopath who deal with the cranial issues affecting health. Cranial Osteopaths have a very sensitive skill for palpation and are able to monitor a person’s cranial rhythm to ensure this is not a limiting factor in the patient’s complete health. The skill required to perform cranial osteopathy is something that cranial osteopaths can only acquire over time. All Osteopaths are highly trained but our cranial osteopath has specific skill, from extensive experience, to monitor and assist the cranial rhythm.

You can expect treatment in our clinic to be a very gentle process. Often the thought of seeing an osteopath to have joints adjusted has a misconception that there will be a lot of cracking followed by pain. This is not the case with our cranial osteopathy and it’s a gently process. Upon your first visit to our osteopath you can expect an initial consultation, a postural assessment and cranial assessment. As Mentioned the therapist will treat your life as a whole with their holistic approach to health. Often it is this approach that is a limiting factor in other health care professional. There are many things in life that can result in health issues, such as activities that may result in the cranial muscles to experience increased tension and result in cranial rhythm disruptions. Our osteopath will attempt to identify potential causes throughout treatment. Our osteopaths often use the services of a massage therapist, to assist with therapy, allowing structures to be treated with less tension during treatment. You can expect your visit to our clinic to be a pleasant one and one that will contribute to your health for years to come.

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